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Ocius Terminals

Utilising software developed by Commidea, which can be installed on any PC running Windows 2000 or higher, the only hardware that is required is a PIN pad. The Ocius for PCs software, which has all of the functionality of the existing Ocius solution, can be executed in a single install, enabling ultra fast track Chip & PIN integration.

Mobile coverage across the UK
Our terminals work over the GPRS data network. This means you can use and operate your terminal almost anywhere in the United Kingdom including Northern Ireland. You get the same coverage as you would on your mobile phone.

Choice of data networks
After reviewing the market in depth we identified that certain networks work better in different pockets of the country. We have selected what we consider to be the best in reliability.

No need for phone lines
Unlike fixed line bank PDQ machines our portable hand held terminals are not reliant on any phone line thus saving you that added expense

Totally wireless
Our terminals are completely free from wires unlike bank PDQ machines

No call charges
Unlike some companies we do not and will not charge you every time you conduct a transaction on your mobile terminal

Fast transactions in 3 seconds
Our terminals have the fastest transaction times due to the networks we use and our direct link into the banks

Money in your bank in 3 days
Once you have completed the transaction with your customer it only takes approximately three working days for your money to be in your bank. This is great news for your cash flow.

No more waiting for cheques to clear
Remember the days of either waiting for someone to give you a cheque or waiting for a cheque to clear? Well those days are over as your money will be guaranteed in three seconds and cleared funds in your bank in approximately three working days.

No more voucher swipe machines
You no longer need to go through the inconvenience of using paper vouchers, then having to call the bank for authorisation every time you take a payment .

Gratuity & service options available
Ideal for the hospitality sector (restaurants/bars/nightclubs) and the taxi industry. Our terminals offer you the facility of taking tips or simply adding a service charge.

Just one fixed monthly fee
Unlike some companies, we have only one fixed monthly fee. We have purposely made our fixed pricing structure transparent, as we are aware that our customers need to know where they stand every month. The bottom line is there are no hidden and unexpected charges from Accenttech Corporation (UK) Limited

Minimal bank rates
If you take credit or debit card payment then you must have a merchant account. A merchant account is like a business account that allows you take card payments from your customers. Many banks charge a considerable sum to set the account up, and then take transaction charges of up to 4% on credit cards up to 50 pence on debit cards. Accenttech Corporation (UK) Limited work with a number of major UK banks to provide our customers with reduced set-up and transaction charges.

All major credit & debit cards accepted
You have the facility to take all major credit and debit cards through our terminals. This is especially useful for taxis picking up from airports

Fast delivery times
It usually takes around 10 working days to set up a merchant account. Once you have a merchant account or if you already have one then it is possible for us to deliver your mobile payment terminal to you within ten working days.

Smallest UK built handset
Our mobile terminals have been designed with businesses who take payment away from a fixed site in mind. The result is a small but robust lightweight terminal

4 hour replacement terminal option
The Accenttech Corporation (UK) Limited Express Gold Support is a rapid 4 hour replacement service. Once your call has been logged and a fault with the terminal has been identified, a qualified engineer and a replacement terminal will be with you within just 4 hours. The engineer will ensure you are up and running and taking payments before he/she leaves. This service also includes the facility to continue to take payments.We can also offer you our Silver and Bronze Support options. (Please see our service and support page for more details)

First class personal service from our staff
At Accenttech Corporation (UK) Limited we pride ourselves on looking after and staying close to our customers. Everyone knows that in business things do go wrong from time to time. However it is how a business reacts when things go wrong. You will never be left hanging on an automated phone system pressing different options, or farmed out to an overseas call centre. We always react immediately and your call will always be answered by a human being.
Online Catalogue > Chip and PIN Solutions

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